Stop Letting Clutter Steal Your Happiness

by Rhonda Wylie on July 6, 2017

Keep Calm and Remove the Clutter

Are you letting clutter rob you of your happiness? Do you see clutter and get frustrated or overwhelmed? You’re not alone; many people feel anxiety when they allow clutter to creep into their home or office on a daily basis. Clutter can make you feel a wide range of negative emotions and decrease your work productivity.

What if there was a way to take control over your clutter? Good news…there is a way!

Decluttering Your Home

If your home is messy and unorganized, start clearing away clutter and organizing by focusing on one area at a time…like a table, a closet, or a room. Don’t lose focus – before moving on to a new area, continue working on that one space until it is clutter-free and organized. If you begin to feel anxious or overwhelmed while you work, take a break. There is no reason to finish it all at once. Eventually, you will begin to get into the flow and, as a result, your home will become more organized and easier to manage.

Decluttering Your Office

If your cluttered office is causing you stress and impacting your workflow, you can get control of it, as well. Just like with your home, prioritize your office decluttering by focusing on one area at a time – like a single desk drawer or bookshelf.

You might be asking yourself, “How can I possibly keep my home and office organized and free of clutter?” I would like to tell you it is easy, but it is not. If you are prone to clutter, it will take some work and diligence to keep your living and work spaces clutter-free.

Keeping Your Home Clutter-Free

For your home, spend 30 minutes to an hour each evening cleaning up clutter and organizing spaces around the house. This might be anything from putting away scattered toys, to placing shoes neatly in the closet. Get your whole family in on the action, as well. Let them know whatever they mess up, they will have to help pick up.

Keeping Your Office Clutter-Free

To keep your office tidy, take 15-30 minutes at the end of each work day, to file papers, discard trash, and organize your office. Keeping your office clean and orderly will help you work more efficiently and make your tasks more enjoyable.

Making Decluttering and Organizing a Daily Habit

Most people do not enjoy cleaning up clutter and organizing their space, but doing these chores daily makes them much less daunting. In the end, it will be worth the effort, because you will have less chaos, less wasted time, and more joy. Go ahead and start today, because YOU deserve happiness!

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Written by Rhonda Wylie

Rhonda Wylie

Rhonda is a self-taught entrepreneur, blogger, and aspiring freelance writer, who is always eager to take on new challenges. She is on a self-improvement mission of cleaning out the negative clutter of her own life so she can become a happier, healthier, and more productive individual. Her hope is to inspire each person to eliminate the negative clutter that’s weighing them down, so we can all live our best life EVER!

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Richard Luna July 6, 2017 at 11:34 AM

Sitting here in my cluttered office at home, and knowing the clutter of my office at work, I can say this is a timely article for me. And I enjoy the suggestion of the de-cluttering at the end of the day.

But I also am learning the value of being realistic with the projects I do each day and for allowing the necessary time it takes to complete something. In other words, an hour of work on a project might need to include some additional scheduled time for putting away, filing, and clean up. So add 15 minutes in your schedule to “finish” the task and schedule 75 minutes to complete. For me, this is a big change to my routine of trying to squeeze as many things I can into a block of time and not planning any cleanup.

Thanks, Rhonda, for the perspective to keep it all something I can enjoy. 🙂


Rhonda Wylie July 6, 2017 at 11:53 AM

Thanks, Richard. I agree with adding 15 extra minutes to your project time. That makes sense. Thanks for your comments.


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