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The idea for Cleaning Out The Clutter was conceived about two years ago, when I, Rhonda Wylie, realized, once again, I was experiencing symptoms of depression – something I’ve struggled with off and on for many years. I knew stress was one of the major triggers for my own depression. So, while thinking about ways to reduce stress, it occured to me that “clutter” is the culprit for lots of my own stress, and I am assuming that I am probably not alone in this situation. After realizing all the areas of our lives that can be affected by clutter, causing stress, I decided it was time to explore the various ways to make positive changes and reduce some of the clutter, hopefully resulting in a  less stressed, happier and healthier life.

When thinking of clutter, most people think of it as strictly the stuff you can see. This is just one of the areas of clutter I had in mind when contemplating “cleaning out the clutter.”  You see, clutter can creep into many areas of our lives, causing many problems.  Clutter can be thought of  as that part of our lives that gets in the way of us being able to live the best life we can possibly live. If you are thinking of everything but what you need to be focused on, then perhaps you have some mental clutter you need to remove. If you are not in a healthy state, perhaps you are putting the wrong foods into your body, resulting in poor health from all the toxic clutter of your body. Maybe you are not able to buy that dream home you desire because your credit score  is too low.  Perhaps you have too much debt cluttering your financial statement, causing a negative bottom line. How can you increase income or reduce your spending? Maybe you know you need to make some positive changes, pertaining to organizing or cleaning your home, but you don’t know how to get started. These are just a few of the topics we explore on this site, but the cluttered areas of our lives are many.

Sharing some of my passions and enthusiasm for self-improvement and helping others, my daughter, Krista Davis,  joined me as a  partner on this journey. With our varied experience and vastly different educational and professional backgrounds, we feel we have the right balance, skills, and knowledge to offer our readers informative and enjoyable content.

We hope you will find all the tips and resources within this site useful in helping  you get started on or improve upon Cleaning Out The Clutter in your life.

Thanks for visiting!

Rhonda Wylie
and Krista Davis

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