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by Rhonda Wylie on March 31, 2014

Hey friends, I just want to say I’m glad this month is coming to an end, or this quarter of the year, rather. It has been rough, to say the least.

I am sorry Krista and I have not been posting, but Krista has had two moves and moved her teenage sister in with her and her husband. She’s been adjusting and trying to get her sister on her feet. In the meantime, my step father (Krista’s grandfather) went in the hospital on Christmas Eve. He stayed there for 6 weeks. Then we were told his throat cancer had returned. After this, he was moved to a nursing home, and then to another one. He finally passed away on March 3 and we had his memorial on March 16.

During all this time, my mother was still getting over finishing her chemo for her lymphoma. I had to step in and help out a lot. When we had to make final arrangements, I had to be by her side as much as possible during this time.

Since so much of my time was spent taking care of both of them and their needs before and after his passing, I got far behind in my side work (website design), as well as my personal work. Frankly I have been emotionally and physically drained.

Yesterday was two weeks since the memorial and I’m beginning to see clear from the fog I’ve been in. Now I’m ready to get back focused on the blog.

Please don’t give up on us. Krista and I are still very enthusiastic about the blog and plan to keep going with it. As always, if there are any specific topics you’d like us to research, please leave a comment. We love research! God bless all of our followers and subscribers, and thank you for your continued support and patience during this difficult time for our family.

Written by Rhonda Wylie

Rhonda Wylie

Rhonda is a self-taught entrepreneur, blogger, and aspiring freelance writer, who is always eager to take on new challenges. She is on a self-improvement mission of cleaning out the negative clutter of her own life so she can become a happier, healthier, and more productive individual. Her hope is to inspire each person to eliminate the negative clutter that’s weighing them down, so we can all live our best life EVER!

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Beth Graves March 31, 2014 at 10:42 AM

Glad to see you back in the blogging world!


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