Creamy, Dairy Free, Vegan Alfredo Sauce

by Krista Davis on October 28, 2015


This creamy Alfredo sauce is amazing! It is easy to make dairy free, for a healthy vegan option. You will be surprised by the key ingredient: Cashews. Yes, this Alfredo is made with cashews!

Due to breastfeeding, I had to be dairy free for the first 6 months of my son’s life, until his intestinal issues improved. This transition made it very difficult. I had to cook and shop completely differently, since we love cheese and butter and most processed foods have some form of dairy. This Alfredo sauce really helped satisfy my dairy craving.


1 cup cashews

2.5 cups WARM water

1/2 cup MELTED non-dairy butterĀ (If you can have dairy, regular butter is fine)

1/2 teaspoon salt (I use Himalayan pink salt.)

3 large garlic cloves

1 teaspoon Italian seasoning

1/4 teaspoon black pepper

1 (8oz) pckg. Daiya mozzarella shreds (These Daiya shreds freeze well in their package.) (You can use 2 cups of any mozzarella shreds you like.)


In a high speed blender (I prefer Vitamix), blend water and cashews until creamy.

Add butter and spices to blender.

Slowly add cheese until complete.

Serve with pasta of choice (try making zucchini noodles).

It is also great with grilled chicken or shrimp. (I combine the sauce in the pan to mix it all together.)

You can warm in a sauce pan before serving (I usually do this, to keep it warm while we eat our first serving.)

Freeze any left over Alfredo sauce.



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Written by Krista Davis

Krista Davis

Krista is a self-proclaimed “health nut” and eco-friendly enthusiast.

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