What’s Best For My Dog’s Nutritional Needs?

by Rhonda Wylie on December 31, 2013

LouieThe picture you see is my little guy, Louie. He is a 3-year old Yorkie (as if you couldn’t tell). Louie is very cute and lovable, but he is hard to please when it comes to eating time. I have tried all sorts of dog foods. He likes the unhealthy ones more than the healthy, but I’m determined to try to get him to eat healthier. Like many dog owners, I’m guilty of giving him table scraps from time to time. He usually has no problem with them, as long as there’s meat of some kind. Louie is a huge fan of treats, but even these have to be a special kind. He hates anything crunchy like a dog biscuit. His favorite ones are the soft, meaty ones; okay, not just any kind of soft, meaty treats…specifically “Little Caesars.”

Wanting him to live a long, healthy life, I am now willing to make some of his meals and refrigerate or freeze them, in hopes of getting him on a regular eating schedule, and to make sure I am meeting his nutritional needs. I am just now beginning to research recipes and nutritional needs of small breed dogs, however, I need help. All the information and recipes out there can be a bit overwhelming.

Having said this, I would like to know of any recipes, links, or nutritional needs information you might be willing to share with me? I would appreciate any feedback I can get. When I get done researching and testing foods out on Louie, I will write an article about my findings. If any of you have blogs or other websites, I’ll be happy to link to them as part of my research. Thanks!

Written by Rhonda Wylie

Rhonda Wylie

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