How Much Does Your Purse Weigh?

by Rhonda Wylie on June 3, 2012

Is your purse weighing you down? Is it a chore to lug around? I read somewhere that the average woman’s purse weighs 15 pounds. Ladies, that’s ridiculous! When I say, “ridiculous” I am mostly referring to myself. So what can we do about it? We need our stuff…right? Wrong. The average woman carries way more stuff than she is actually going to need.

In recent years I have become a bit of a purse nut. I used to buy one purse for winter and one for summer; and they had to be your basic black, gray, brown, white, or tan so they would match everything I wore. Well, now I like having my purses come in different styles and colors to go with different outfits. Yes, I even have orange, pink, and turquoise. I’ve stepped into the 21st century. This is all well and good until I am ready to head out the door to go somewhere, and I realize my purse does not match my outfit. Being the new “fashionista” I am (chuckling to myself), I simply cannot be seen out in public wearing my cute outfit and carrying a purse that does not match. This being the case, there was only one thing I could do. I had to learn to carry less stuff so that purse changes could be done quickly and efficiently.

Before going any further, stop, and go weigh your purse. Hopefully it does not weigh near the 15 pounds; but the goal is to reduce the weight. Next, let’s go through some basic steps you can use to de-clutter and organize your purse.

  1. Before getting started, if you wear cosmetics, and you do not already have one, I want you to purchase a small cosmetic bag that can fit  inside your purse.  These can usually be bought at a discount store or dollar store for under $5.00.
  2. Begin by emptying out the entire contents of your purse.
  3. Pick out all the receipts, tissue, gum wrappers, loose change; etc.
  4. Throw away everything that is trash. File away receipts. Put change in your change jar or piggy bank. Continue doing this until you have put away or thrown away all that you can.
  5. Look at what is left and go through each item and decide how often you need it when you are away from home. Put the items you use regularly into one pile, and then the items you rarely or never use into another. At this point, the pile for the items you rarely or never use is probably half the weight of your purse.
  6. Now this is the tough part – I want you to put away the items you rarely or never use (some place other than your purse). You can do it! Remember,this is not a once in a lifetime chance; you can always come back later and add an item or two back to your purse, if you find yourself missing that item when you’re away from home.
  7. Now, out of the stuff that is left, how much of it is cosmetics? Chances are a bunch of it is, because the women that do not have a lot of cosmetics in their purse have already stopped reading this, because they don’t have a problem with too much clutter in their purse. Ask yourself these questions. How often do I apply makeup when I’m away from home? When I do apply makeup, what makeup do I use? If you are like me, you really do not take the time to apply makeup when you are away from home.. Most women only use lipstick or lip gloss; and they may put on a little powder or foundation. However, every woman is different, so you really need to think about what it is that you really need. Depending on where you are going, some days you may need more than others; but I want you to prepare your purse for your average day.
  8. Store away those cosmetic items you do not need when you are away from home. Put the rest of the items you will need into your cosmetic bag. If you still have plenty of room, you may add back one or two items from those items you were reluctant to give up. Feel better now?
  9. Now place your cosmetic bag and the remaining non-cosmetic items (hairbrush, car keys, etc.) into your purse.
  10. What about the wallet or coin purse? I want you to use your new skills to de-clutter this as well. Follow steps 2-6 (substituting your wallet for purse) until you are down to your money, driver’s license or ID, one or two credit cards, ATM card, insurance card, etc. Most people carry credit cards which they may use once a year. This is dangerous and unnecessary. Put all these types of cards away and only carry them when you know you may need or use them. Now place all the necessary items back in your wallet. Put your wallet into your purse.
  11. Voila! You are done.

Now weigh your purse and see how much clutter you have gotten rid of. Doesn’t it feel good?

When you need to switch purses, it’s so much easier. I even have matching wallets with some of my purses, so I will change out my wallets and purse in probably 2-3 minutes. This is a major improvement over my old habits.


  •  To keep your purse nice and clean, go through it each day before you head out the door and store away or throw away anything that is not  necessary for that day (business cards, receipts, etc.). This should take 1-2 minutes. Do the same thing for your wallet or coin purse.
  •  Think about what you may need for that day or outing. Unload any unnecessary items before leaving home. For instance, if you’re just going to
    the grocery store, chances are you won’t be applying any makeup. You may want to leave your cosmetic bag at home and just carry your lipstick
    or lip gloss.
  • After de-cluttering or changing out your purse, do a quick check to make sure you are not forgetting anything – wallet, driver’s license, cell
    phone, hair brush, important papers; etc.
  • If you are going somewhere that you will need to kill some time, you may want to throw in a crossword puzzle or your favorite paperback

Keeping your purse de-cluttered reduces stress and keeps you in control of important items such as driver’s license, money, and credit
cards. You’ll know exactly what you have and where it is. Once it becomes a habit, you will be so glad you took the time to de-clutter
and organize your purse. I would love to hear from you, after you do this. How much does your purse weigh now?

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Written by Rhonda Wylie

Rhonda Wylie

Rhonda is a self-taught entrepreneur, blogger, and aspiring freelance writer, who is always eager to take on new challenges. She is on a self-improvement mission of cleaning out the negative clutter of her own life so she can become a happier, healthier, and more productive individual. Her hope is to inspire each person to eliminate the negative clutter that’s weighing them down, so we can all live our best life EVER!

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Blessing October 6, 2012 at 3:11 PM

Big help, big help. And superlative news of crouse.


Rhonda Wylie October 10, 2012 at 3:40 PM

Glad it helped you and thanks for visiting.


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