Organizing your Resources and Creative Ideas in the 21st Century

by Krista Davis on April 17, 2012

Have you ever seen something while browsing through the internet and thought, “I need to remember that,” or “That would be a wonderful gift for Mom;” then later on forget what website you were looking at? What you need is a way to organize this information and have it at hand when needed.

Almost everyone knows how to use the “Favorites” section in their browser, but what happens if you aren’t at your computer, or your only computer access is a public one? Then saving your favorite websites to the browser is of no use to you. There are two free websites I find beneficial to my organization and memory needs, that are accessible on any computer with an internet connection. is a website I have been utilizing since I was an undergraduate in 2008. It allows members to save websites and articles into categories of their naming. It also allows members to connect with other members’ public files. When
looking for employment, I would save all open positions into my “Jobs” file and make it private, since it wasn’t information I wanted shared. also allows you to easily place sites into multiple files and tag each site with key words to aid with searches.

Unlike, is primarily a visual organization site and public domain. It doesn’t allow you to save sites, or pins as they are called, without picture download ability. I have found a few sites that I can save their image to my desktop then download the pin with that image. With each pin members can write a description. For example I will write craft instructions, or write something as simple as, “Love.” With the “Add Pin” tool the websites being linked will appear above the selected image for your pin. Allowing you to reopen the site to read information or make a purchase. Another benefit is that you can “repin” other members’ pins. This helps you find a lot of ideas without doing much searching.

I do prefer for my visual organization, such as “Dream homes” or “Clothing,” and for articles and websites that are research or informative, since they don’t require a visual picture to understand their description. No matter your preference, having some form of internet organization is useful. It can make planning for Christmas or building a house just a little easier, since all your ideas are organized in one space.

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Written by Krista Davis

Krista Davis

Krista is a self-proclaimed “health nut” and eco-friendly enthusiast.

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